Logistics & Supply

The information included on this site reflects current knowledge and information based on MSF’s experience and is influenced by the exceptional situation created by the COVID 19 epidemic. This information is, therefore, provisional and to be used only in the absence of standard procedures and materials validated by WHO or the Ministry of Health. It does not replace professional clinical judgment or Ministry of Health or WHO recommendations.


  • UVGE PPE desinfecation

  • Covid 19 oxygen provision

  • How to meet oxygen demand for severely hipoxic patiens in a resource limited setting.

  • Summary of oxygen delivery apparatus and applicability to MSF


  • COVID-19 HVAC recommendations


  • PPE - Watsan



  • Basic Requirements Emergency Facilities to respond to COVID-19 (in multipurpose tents of 45 m2)

  • Repurposing existing buildings: Belgium/Pakistan

  • WHO/sari facilities guidelines


  • SA_covid-19 IT procedures


  • Procedure for the use of light sanitary vehicles/fr/eng

  • SOP for ICRC air operations in areas affected by COVID 19


  • Supplies at risks of looting

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